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Just a bit about myself before we get started and to give yohead shot May 13u a bit of a background of where I am coming from. I’ve had a very exciting life, born of British parents at Christmas Island where I remained till I was 9yr old.  We then immigrated to Perth, West Aust a family of 4 girls with me as second eldest.  I left home at sixteen and a half to do my mothercraft training. I then took off to the UK to discover my roots.  From here I traveled with a colleague who I’d trained with, through Europe and parts of Africa. On returning to Oz I went bush, following my elder sister’s example and worked on a cattle station north of Perth and then eventually bought a camper van and travelled around oz working to support myself. One year I also trekked from Derby to Fitzroy Crossing, WA with a couple of horses before I took off to Asia where I travelled extensively before returning once again to Perth. It was after these many travels, in search of ‘the reason for life’ I eventually found what or should I say who I had been searching for.  I gave my life back to the One who created me, through accepting His Son, Jesus. My life was turned up the right way and a new adventure began of which I have never regretted.

I knew immediately I needed more understanding of what I believed and signed up for 3 yrs of Bible studies which stood me in good stead for the years to come. On completing my studies I stepped out in faith and flew off to Malaysia which was my first ministry adventure. I later worked in Hong Kong, China and Thailand before returning to Aust for my youngest sister’s wedding. I then moved to Sydney where I lived for nearly 20 yrs, 15 of those years establishing my own business Cradle 2 Kindy Parenting Solutions.

So it’s time for me to pack up and start another travel adventure.  I thought this time I would learn how to write a blog for those who would like to follow along.


  1. Beth Socal

    Looking forward to following your journey. Keep safe. Praying for you.

  2. Tamba Mbayoh

    Wonderful story Sally. You are a true blessing and an example to look up to.

  3. sallyforth-sojourner (Post author)

    Thanks guys, really appreciate your encouragement and prayers.

  4. mary

    Great work my friend, God has really been good to you, and pray that you see his mercies every day of your life.


  5. sallyforth-sojourner (Post author)

    Thanks Mary,

    It’s such a joy to be one of His children and to know I belong to a wonderful family made up of beautiful people from all over the world. People from all nations some whom I have already met and some of whom I’m still to meet. 😉

  6. Tamba Mbayoh

    Sally excuse me If I have to stop whatever i’m doing for a minute to say “meeting you made me believe that there are still God’s angels on earth”. What I learnt about you is that when it comes to helping people especially the disadvantage people, you become tireless, restless, sleepless and selfless. You are very honest and wonderful person and i’m very lucky to have met you. Alpha is saying hello. Stay bless.

    1. sallyforth-sojourner (Post author)

      Hi Tamba, you are very sweet to say such lovely things. Thank you for your encouragement and love. God willing one day He will fulfil my desire to join you when you visit your family in Sierra Leone. Please give my love to Alpha, I miss our chats 😉 Abundant blessings to you all.

  7. Shawnette

    Hi Beautiful Sally with love,

    God bless you. The Load is always be your guide. Make the most of moment to moment. Take good care.

    1. sallyforth-sojourner (Post author)

      thanks for your encouragement Shawnette, God’s richest blessings to you too.


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