You may ask what my plans are, my vision for this new chapter…

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6New King James Version (NKJV)

As mentioned in my first blog Welcome to Sally’s new blog I have been looking for an opportunity to return to ministry and had been seeking the Lord for His leading and timing. I have also wanted to visit my many friends who are still ministering in various Asian and African countries.

Originally I had planned to go to Africa first but due to strange visa regulations in S Africa which would not permit me to go for a short time and then return after visiting other African nations I felt I should instead go via Asia. This is of course a plan in the making and can and probably will change frequently.   ‘The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps’.  Proverbs 16:9

So here it the present vision:cropped-Map-of-oz1.jpg

First Chapter – Australian trip:

I planned to leave Sydney and drive to Melb (between 24th and 30th Aug). Those who know me may notice the lengthened departure date … this is due to the procrastination and distractions (setting up this blog) while packing!  I finally left Sydney Tue 23rd September, this was mostly due to the woman who was interested in buying my business who eventually pulled out.  (Read more: On the Road at Last)

I caught up with friends and family in Melb, than head to SA where I called in on friends in Adelaide and Koolunga before tackling the endless road across the Nullarbor, following the setting sun to Perth.

Second Chapter – Asia:map Asia

I planed to be in Perth early January 2015 but arrived 1am on 19 Oct.  There was lots to do in Perth before I left which was planned for the 15 January, to Singapore for a short stay before heading to Cambodia.  Little did I know the Lord would rearrange my plans once again. (Read chapters on Perth – Adapting to Perth)  I would leave on 15th February for Malaysia as my friends in Singapore had family visiting for Chinese New Year.  My friend Joshua, whom I was joining in Cambodia, said he was going to Malaysia to visit his family.  He suggested I stay with his parents whom I knew from my time in Malaysia in 1986 on my first overseas ministry trip after finishing Bible College.

From there I was going to join Joshua in Cambodia. Once again my plans were changed and although I was in Cambodia I ended up helping at HisChild International for two months.  During this time I did catch up with Joshua and him mum and together joined a medical outreach team.  The trip to Vietnam never eventuated before heading off to Thailand.  I ran out of time.  After a gruelling time with my Thai Visa Application I was able to enjoy 3 month in Thailand before returning to Malaysia to visit friends in Seremban, Ayer Tawer and Penang.  I was back to Thailand, Phuket for a week to visit friends before returning once again To Ayer Tawer to catch up with a friend who was returning home to visit family.  Then KL for a few days before heading off for a month in India.

I had originally wanted 2 months in India but was unable to get a 60 day visa.  This change my plans once more and because I felt I most likely would be staying in Perth for some time after I returned to look after my aging mother I decided I would take off to Africa this year instead of next.  This is still a work in progress as I look to the Lord for His leading before returning home to Perth.   While in India I catcht up with good friends in Mumbai and Goa before I spent some time on an Organic Farm south of Bangalore before flying back to Malaysia.  Here stay a few days in KL where I repack my belongings to send the bulk back to Perth before taking a bus to Singapore where I finally meet up with friends who had visited me in Perth,  From Singapore I flew via Doha to Cape Town, South Africa.

Third Chapter – Africa:

This was where there was a possibility of going two ways –

map AfricaDepending on my circumstances and of course where the Lord leads, I had thought about going to Spain and the UK via Israel. I would have like to stop at these places to visit friends and family before entering Africa from the north through Sierra Leone.  But due to the outbreak of Ebola and the change of plan for India and 2016 when I may stay at home to care for my aging mother I chose instead to head for Africa.

I had also planned to visit a good friend, Yvonne in South Africa when she returned, from her furlough, in March 2016.   But as you can now see from my blog updates I arrived in Africa ahead of schedule.  Yvonne is a nurse educator from Perth who I have know since the 1980’s who has dedicated her life to train locals to run health clinics in their own villages throughout South Africa.  I have been planing to visit her for many years just to lend a hand and to help out where ever needed before heading to Nigeria for Christmas and possible a quick visit to Uganda where eventually I’d like to return full time to assist with the Wakisa Ministries.

Since making my original planes before leaving Perth in Feb 2015 they have been many changes. I originally was not going to visit the African Continent till March 2016 after returning to Australia in November 2015.  Due to my mothers off and on health while I was in Asia I thought it better to travel to Africa before going home.  I would then be with her during Perth winter if she needed me.

I flew from Singapore via the Middle East, arriving in Cape Town South Africa on the 6 October, I had two stopovers in Johannesburg on route to White River to visit Yvonne and before going north to Uganda. I never did reach Nigeria due to problems with visas and finally arrived back to where it all began in Perth 29 February 2016.

Forth Chapter – Great South Land

map AustAfter a week in Perth staying with Mum I headed to the north west of WA to visit my sister in Broome. I’m also hoping to join her and her friend Phil on an adventure through Arnhem Land August 2016. I would like to visit friends in Sydney and Melbourne this year too topping of my adventure for 2016 with a visit to Nigeria which I missed out on in my African adventures.

Let’s see where the Lord leads.  During my time back in Australia I will ask the Lord to show me where He would like me to return on a more permanent basis as a volunteer where my talents and skills can best be used. In the meantime I would like to work on my old diaries from as early as 1970’s my trek from Derby to Fitzroy Crossing and earlier travels through Europe, Asia and Australia.



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