P & P


For those who would like to support me in prayer I will be updating this page regularly. (sorry not as regularly as I hoped)


  1. Thank you all for upholding me in prayer, for good health and journey mercies as I travel and safety on the roads.
  2. I praise the Lord for all my friends, both far and near, who have kept in touch.  It’s wonderful the way the Lord has reunited many of my old friends through my travels.
  3. I praise the Lord for His prayer warriors standing with me in these adventure and in the challenges I face along the way.
  4. I thank God for opening so many doors as I travel trusting in His leading and guidance.
  5. Praise Him for His protection as I travel and for favour with those I meet along the way.
  6. I am constantly amazed and grateful for all the connections, orchestrating and organising the Lord has been doing in helping me on this journey I am on.


    1. Please pray for my mothers ongoing health conditions to improve and her salvation.  Mum’s blood pressure is unstable which really affects her memory.
    2. Continue to pray to the Lord of the harvest that hearts will be open to experience our Heavenly Father’s love as it reaches out for a relationship with those who are yet to know Him.
    3. Please continue to pray for the sale of my business.
    4. Pray with me for my safety as I travel from one country to the next and His protection along the way.
    5. Please also pray that I continue to hear the voice of the Lord leading me in all that I do.  Especially as I travel, for his connections and for his protection on my journeys and for His perfect timing.
    6. Please pray the Lord will give me wisdom as I travel.
    7. Pray that I and my possession will be protected as I travel around.


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